Keeping the BER Price Manageable


Customers should be very careful when ascertaining the price of a BER. They should question:

  • What the fee they are quoted includes
  • Is the assessor insured
  • Is the price quoted inclusive of the SEAI Registration Charge
  • Does their price include VAT

We at NextDayBER are fully insured, VAT registered and when we quote a price we will include and explain the mandatory SEAI Registration charge and VAT charge.


Our Pricing Structure for BER’s Explained


Domestic(House/Apt) BER – price is dependent on location of the property and the size of the property. All inclusive prices will range from €220-€250.  This includes VAT and SEAI charges. Please note we provide a premium quick turnaround service on all our BER certs

Commercial BER – these BER’s are more involved than for a Residential BER. We price on the size of the property, the layout, and the number of ESB Meters onsite. We have a minimum charge of €400 plus VAT.

BER following upgrade works – Many people are availing of grant funding for improvements to their property which will result in a improvement to their energy efficiency. These BER’s require the calculation of what the original house would have rated at and then the production of the new BER. Proof of the upgrades and the materials used are required. As these BER’s are more time consuming the fee is slightly higher than a regular BER ranging from €250 – €300 depending on the property and the works involved.

Provisional BER – These can be required for a new building or in the case of a building not completed. These are price on the size and type of property. Please have your planning reference number ready before you call for a quote.

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